About Us

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Pomp & Varden celebrates the relentless dedication of a woman’s pursuit of success, growth, and fulfillment. The brand was born out of a desire to honor these achievements no matter what field or industry she belongs through meticulously designed wardrobe collections.

Every step in the creative process is anchored on power, style, sustainability, and ease.

We are two professionals in the corporate world, and we co-founded Pomp & Varden to be a strong representation of a modern-day woman’s hard work and wins. As tenacious workers ourselves, we believe that for every win in life or in one’s career, each is deserving to be recognized. It is for this reason that we endeavor to give every woman a chance to walk with power and wear their own badge of success through any Pomp & Varden piece.

Sweater Style
Every Pomp & Varden garment you own communicates power. We have been intentional with our core products to focus on stylish sweaters with ultra-comfortable fabrics to continue giving you comfort and confidence wherever you go, whatever you do.